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About Us


We are FAB LAB
Sher-E-Bangla Agriculture University

The Fab Lab Sher-e- Bangla Agricultural University (FAB LAB SAU) is established in January 2017 at the heart of Dhaka city and is aimed do work in the field of innovative agriculture and fabricating Dhaka city for a smart FAB City. The FAB LAB SAU will focus on 3I; Inspiration, Idea and Innovation for sustainable agricultural development. This lab will be the space for the action or process of manufacturing or inventing something especially for next generation agricultural farming and smart city fabrication with innovative know-how. The FAB LAB SAU is also the beginning of new era: the production by itself, where you can create your own product. We believe that all clusters of dwellers must participate in the community of this innovative space. Fabrication and prototyping is no longer limited to experts and large-scale manufacturing processes. Artists and designers today now have fabrication and prototyping experience as part of their education and professions and making machines more affordable and processes are simpler and easier to learn for everyone.
The FAB LAB SAU is an open access lab for anyone for doing or making almost anything. This lab is comprised with few fab lab equipments like 3D printers, Laser cutter, CNC milling machines and vinyl cutter etc. Apart, there will be a space for smart jute innovations, recycling PET bottle, solar powered innovation cell etc.
The FAB LAB SAU will be a connection hub for everyone 24x7 with international fab lab communities with video conferencing systems to make anything from any corners of the world. We know that digital fabrication provides into industrial processes is more than a DIY dream. We will make your idea into a product following share-construct design-innovate limitless rules.


We think and think to build a great idea to implement. We love to use the word "We did"


Our team is always ready to create unique and awesome goods.


We care and we share. We share our ideas and goods with everyone.

Area Required for a FAB LAB

  • Laser Area: 6 meters X 8 meters 
  • Learning Space: 6 meters X 6 meters
  • Molding and Casting/Silkscreen Space: 5.2 X 2.5 meters
  • Central Work Space with Storage for Projects: 5 meters X 6 meters
  • Shop-bot Space: 6X4.5 meters 
  • Electronics area: 5.2 X 4.3 meters
  • 3D Printing Space: 3.5 X 5
  • Other: Office, Materials Storage and Exhibition Space 18 meters wide X 4 meters high

What we do?

We Design
Dream Big

Have Hard Fun
Try and Try Again
Ask Questions

Think Deep

Meet our unique thinkers

Our Team

Abul Hasnat M Solaiman

Fab Lab Sub-Project Manager
+8801711054215, +8801611054215

S.M. Anamul Arefin

Technical Guru

Abu Yousuf Shihab

Fab Lab Operator

A N M Sayem

Fab Lab Operator
+8801752227522, +8801682398177

Nur Mohammad Manik

Office Secretary Cum Accountant

Samir Raihan

IT Expert

Shamema Nasrin Julie

Research Assistant
+8801515619929, +8801515619929

Still Confused?

Lab Manual

If you interested to see our Lab manual.