About us.

FAB LAB Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University

We’r dynamic team of creative people with innovative mind

The Fab Lab Sher-e- Bangla Agricultural University (FAB LAB SAU) is established in January 2017 at the heart of Dhaka city and is aimed to do work in the field of innovative agriculture and fabricating Dhaka city for a smart FAB City. The FAB LAB SAU will focus on 3I; Inspiration, Idea and Innovation for sustainable agricultural development. This lab will be the space for the action or process of manufacturing or inventing something especially for next generation agricultural farming and smart city fabrication with innovative know-how. The FAB LAB SAU is also the beginning of a new era: the production by itself, where you can create your own product. We believe that all clusters of dwellers must participate in the community of this innovative space. Fabrication and prototyping is no longer limited to experts and large-scale manufacturing processes. Artists and designers today now have fabrication and prototyping experience as part of their education and professions and making machines more affordable and processes are simpler and easier to learn for everyone. The FAB LAB SAU is an open access lab for anyone for doing or making almost anything. This lab consists of a few fab lab equipment like 3D printers, Laser cutter, CNC milling machines and vinyl cutter etc. Apart, there will be a space for smart jute innovations, recycling PET bottles, solar powered innovation cells etc. The FAB LAB SAU will be a connection hub for everyone 24x7 with international fab lab communities with video conferencing systems to make anything from any corner of the world. We know that digital fabrication provided into industrial processes is more than a DIY dream. We will make your idea into a product following share-construct design-innovate limitless rules.

Our Mission

To develop/renovate Fabrication Lab/workshop (Agriculture Faculty, Horticulture department lab) for 3D designing, molding, modeling, prototyping of the innovative products Strategies and main development activities ● Consulting with Fab Lab expert to make a proper design, renovation of the workshop and installation ● Making an agreement with industry partners ● Supervision of the works ● Purchasing required Fab Lab equipment and accessories • Preparation of operational manual on Sher-e-Bangla Fab lab activities. ● Completion of the work  It will be a place to study and test solutions for the community – for example, street equipment or social facilities for the elderly and people with disabilities. 2. To publish manuals on product 3D designing and modeling with research for further improvement and production Strategies and main development activities ● Planning and outline of the manuals of the designed or invented products ● Group discussion for sharing and networking ● Consultation with Fab Lab experts ● Compilation of the new innovations, sharing knowledge, protocols, and methodologies ● Editing of the manuals ● Publication of the manuals ● Distribution of the manuals among all people with no boundaries for promoting Fab Lab activities  The Fab Lab will be an idea bank for testing and development of products tailored to the needs of Lisbon citizens, particularly to the less fortunate and empowering women participation. 3. Strengthening capacity of making almost anything and awareness of Fab Lab: Strategies and main development activities ● Selection of spaces for Fab Lab ● Prioritization of items for innovative ideas ● Recruitment of personnel ● Fixation of prices of the Fab Lab instrumentation ● Making agreements related to the procurement ● Confirmation of availability of the Fabrication lab instruments ● Supervision of the setup ● Completion of works  The Fab Lab is also the beginning of a possible new era: the production by itself, where anybody can create their own product. We believe that all cluster of citizens must participate in the creation of these innovative spaces; 4. To provide advanced research and development (R & D) facilities among the graduate and postgraduate students, academics, community, and industry Strategies and main development activities ● Selection of Fab Lab guru (Postgraduate) and Fab Lab operators (Two undergraduate students) for sharing innovative ideas and design making ● Provide funds to arrange campaign program for Fab Lab and attend training, workshop, and conference  The Fab Lab will be also an incubation space for new businesses with a privileged link to start-up entrepreneurship, a business incubator located in the city.  Publications of the research findings and other publications related to fab lab products and everything. 5. To facilitate advanced training, video conferencing on innovations for making almost everything for all categories of citizen Strategies and main development activities ● Selection of best students for innovative ideas and model designing ● Sharing ideas and Making networking with advanced fabrication laboratory in home and abroad ● Arrangement of training and Fab Laboratory visit ● Provide training to the faculty members and industry partners on advanced research and development ● Completion of training  It will develop “technology education” – learn by doing. The Fab Lab will be opened to university, college, schools, kids, and adults, showing how design and technology are not inaccessible; 6. To facilitate the University-industry partnership and product promotion through R & D for further improvement and product development Strategies and main development activities ● Invented product designing for industry production ● Group discussion with University-industry partners to facilitate the opportunity of producing almost anything  Patenting and promotion of products with community engagement and other activities ● Consultation with other experts for Fab agro park and smart cityscape designing ● Showcasing of the new innovations, sharing knowledge, protocols, and methodologies ● Video conferencing for knowledge sharing globally  The Fab Lab and the Eco-Agro park will be opened for public use, becoming a truly participatory initiative; 7. To establish Fab Lab academy or SAU Fab Lab Foundation for continuing the capacity building for income generation Strategies and main development activities ● Invented product promotion, attending fairs for industrial product research and development ● Group discussion for sharing knowledge and participate in Fab Lab at all times ● Working and Developing Fab agro park and smart cityscape –open for all ● Allow every one of all ages to produce anything for entrepreneurship.  The lab will be an open academy or support center for advanced technical education and to provide a training path for new Fab Lab managers, Fab Academy, an internationally distributed campus for technical education. 8. Sustainability of the FAB LAB (Fund generation): Strategies and main development activities  The produced product can be sold through a partnership with SAU Fab lab-industry with a win-win situation for both parties.  The fund can be generated by submitting related additional proposals to different funding agencies like the National Science and Technology Ministry.  The different products could be sold to different fairs for income generation.

Our Vision

1. To create a new co-working place in the SAU campus with open access for creative and young entrepreneurs and innovative students by establishing a digital Fab lab 2. To build a group of multidisciplinary innovative groups for making almost anything through community engagement by model making for commercial production and sustainability of the Fab lab.